Full disclosure: News Flash posts are satirical news parodies and not meant to be taken as truth. Edmonton Police are cracking down on locals reportedly sneaking across a decommissioned train track. The 15-foot gap, a dangerous unused-but-clean train track that allows residents significantly more convenient access to needed amenities nearby, is considered private property, Read More

I’ll be on a panel at Pure Spec this weekend with the insightful and entertaining S.G. Wong and Rhonda Parrish. It’s called “Author Incognito” and is all about what it’s like to write with a pen name. Having had my pen name for a relatively short period, there are a few things I’ve learned, Read More

I love board games, and so I feel an unnerving pressure to attend local events. A good kind of pressure, a deep-tissue massage. We only went for the last afternoon, but we experienced what happens every time I crack open a new board game: new paradigms, new lenses through which we see microcosms before, Read More