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Quantum Worlds and the Entangled Man

The power to choose what becomes real from endless quantum worlds. A fight to control it.

Short Stories

“Y” in G is for Ghosts

A young man tries to cling too tightly to the past and the ghosts that will suffocate him.

“The Hermit” in Arcana

A software engineer confronts the darker side of the societal disconnection she’s been helping to create.

“Clockwork Tea” in Clockwork, Curses, and Coal

In the mid-1800s, the first corporate spy chooses a dark, clockwork path to cope with his lonely deception.

“Light Chaser, Dark Hunter” in Hear Me Roar

In a world where sunlight is the greatest currency, a city guard must choose between what’s done and what’s right.

“Time and Grace” in Metaphorosis

Grace Soh’s plans for a big payday crash when she breaks down with only her car’s AI to face inner and outer threats to her survival.

“The Furgeldt Collector” in Swashbuckling Cats

A pirate cat bounty hunter gets must stop a frisky plot against the Catfish Queen.

“Where They Went” in Daily Science Fiction

A microfiction story about possibilities.

“Ad Me” in Centropic Oracle

A flash story about a junior wizard and a homework assignment gone awry, published in the Centropic Oracle podcast. Sofia Quintero does a great job narrating.

“I” in F is for Fairy

Published by Poise and Pen, my short story in Rhonda Parrish’s alphabet anthology is a satire about an idiot king and talking animals.

Interactive and Other Media

“A Hole in the Netaverse” on the Story City app

This interactive Edmonton-based puzzle-adventure challenges you to put the Netaverse back together in a cyberpunk dystopia.