A Hole in the Netaverse – a Story City Adventure

This location-based puzzle-adventure is hosted on the Story City app and takes participants through a cyberpunk dystopian version of Edmonton. While it’s best enjoyed on-location in Edmonton, there is an option to disable location services and enjoy it anywhere in the world. The Story City app is free and available on iOS and Android, with each adventure having a varying cost.

When the Netaverse crashes, you must reacquaint yourself with reality & venture into a dystopian Edmonton to restore the backup of the virtual life you’ve lost.


You’re enjoying another beautiful day curating your bright-sky, green-field Netaverse utopia—when a snap-hiss blackens your vision and an error message fills your VR goggles. To your dismay, you realise the servers are down. As one of Edmonton’s recently-anointed server technicians, it is your job to get things going again.

The municipal government is legally required to carry backups, but you’d never actually had to fix a crash before (so far, you’d just been enjoying the perks of premium Netaverse features as payment for being on-call). Now, you’ll have to go to the closest port, City Hall, and restore a backup to Edmonton’s Netaverse.

Your journey starts at Edmonton City Hall and Churchill Square.

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It was a great pleasure to work with the Story City team on this for their Edmonton launch. I’m really pleased with the supporting images and story narration, as well as the overall app experience.