Quantum Worlds and the Entangled Man

The power to choose what becomes real from endless quantum worlds. A fight to control it.

As a child, Ben was haunted by monsters in the closet. As an adult, he’s convinced he’d imagined them, until he conducts a physics experiment that peels back a terrifying layer of reality… and he discovers the monsters are very real.

Ben’s discovery gives him a dangerous power he can’t control. The monsters want it. So does a powerful corporation that’s willing to do anything to tap into a fraction of what Ben’s capable: bridging to quantum worlds.

Some of those worlds hold painful secrets and a burning need for vengeance. Even if Ben manages to learn how to control his power before it falls into the wrong hands, he faces an impossible choice.

Justice… or humanity’s continued existence.

In the spirit of Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter and Ted Kosmatka’s Flicker Men, this mind-bending hard sci-fi thriller shakes the foundation of reality.

“Great storytelling coupled with unique and captivating ideas… with implications you’ll think about long after you finish. Be careful what you believe in! It gave me chills.”
– Mitchell Hawse, reviewer

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I co-authored this book with Dr. Mark R.A. Shegelski.