I was tagged by the very talented but somewhat smelly Natasha Deen, to answer some questions about my next book. Natasha’s True Grime series is an awesome blend of fantasy-YA, mystery, and sci-fi that is a great read with very relevant and important topics a lot of youth can relate to. What’s the working, Read More

Sometimes correcting what you’ve written using Dragon Dictate is like playing mad gab.

That giddy feeling Upon finishing a work greater imagined

Think, tweak and edit Write logline to capture tale Submit to agent–wait.  

A project, daunting Turns into flowing river As the words pour out.

I was pretty crushed when Pluto had its status removed, and was “cast out” of the solar system. Today I was relieved, to hear that the dwarf planet’s feelings weren’t too badly hurt. Apparently its relationship with the rest of the solar system was totally plutonic.

And so it begins, Nov. 1, the national novel writing frenzy that motivates authors all around the world to try and write 50,000 words in 30 days, an average of 1667 words per day. This is my first year attempting the tremendous feat, and I will be writing a cyberpunk novel… wish me luck!, Read More

This week from Oct. 17 to 24 Diana Nuttall’s students will be doing a Reviewathon, where we play our old repertoire on the cello as many times as possible in order to raise money for people in Somalia (the money will be donated to UNICEF). It’s sort of like the “Jump Rope for Heart”, Read More

Last night (Wednesday, July 20) I participated in “Story Slam of the Fantastic” with OnSpec Magazine at the Haven. It was MC’d by the fabulous Roxanne Felix, who did a great job of ad-libbing and providing kind remarks for the courageous writers. The OnSpec editors were present and gave out free copies of their, Read More

I created this site! It’s so exciting! I’m looking forward to customizing it and keeping it sleek and shiny.