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I was tagged by the very talented but somewhat smelly Natasha Deen, to answer some questions about my next book. Natasha’s True Grime series is an awesome blend of fantasy-YA, mystery, and sci-fi that is a great read with very relevant and important topics a lot of youth can relate to.

What’s the working title of your book? Connecting Will.

Where did you first get the idea for your book? After reading Michael Flynn’s fantastic novel “Eifelheim”, I was enamoured with the idea of blending historical fiction with sci fi. I really wanted to have meaningful connections between timelines, in a believable manner. That gave birth to my triple-stranded story about an ancient egyptian, a grad student and a spaceship commander.

Who would play your main characters if your book were made into a movie? That’s fun! Let’s see… first of all I’d be jumping up and down like a jackrabbit if that happened. Maggie Gyllenhaal would play Commander Musgrave because she’s an amazing actress who plays strong, haunted characters well. Ryan Gosling would play Will because he can say a tremendous amount without saying anything at all, and he’s Canadian. Opposite him would be Freida Pinto as Emilie, who is completely enchanting. Ahmed Haroun is a prominent Egyptian actor who’d fit nicely in the role of Chenzira.

Okay, now it’s my turn to spread the love and tag some great writers:

Lynda Williams created a universe which I love and am privileged enough to play around in.

Tyler Cragglehold writes hilarious satire.

Mark Shegelski has incredible sci-fi ideas in his “Remembering the Future” short story collection.

Robert J. Sawyer has been a huge inspiration for my hard sci-fi writing.

Virginia O’Dine runs a publishing house out of PG and is known for remembering the “story” in storytelling.

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