Opus 3: An Okal Rel Legacy Anthology

An Okal Rel Legacy Anthology

Published by Absolute XPress, this anthology contains “Nestor’s Gap”, the first story featuring Nestor Tark, where he discovers a Lorel device that has the power to read intentions and thoughts in soul-touch, upsetting the balance of secrets so necessary in the Gelack Empire.

“The authors in this anthology have each approached the theme of ‘Pretenders’ from a unique and exciting perspective. The characters you are about to meet choose to hide or misrepresent their status, abilities, education, ambition, sexuality, spirituality, intentions or their past. It’s not just the main characters either; nearly every character is hiding something or wishing to be perceived in some way.

Stories include: “Blind Stitches” by A. M. Stickel, “Sword Crossed Paths” by Elizabeth Woods, “Nestors Gap” by Hal Friesen and “Pennies in the Well” by Amelia Shackelford. This anthology also contains sketches of characters by Richard Bartrop.”


“They were two men, on the brink of insanity”.Illustration by Richard Bartrop.

“The hood seemed to pulse around his head and he felt a strange sense of losing himself to gap.”Illustration by Richard Bartrop.