Don’t Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil

For writers and non-writers alike, a collection of stories about time management, motivation, and how to find the happy ending in your story and your life. For those looking to break into the industry—or anyone looking to find the writer within—this collection put together by the Edmonton Writers Group is sure to have something for you.
Cover Art by Nicola Martinez

Cover Art by Nicola Martinez

Dean Koontz once said, “Writing a novel is like making love, but it’s also like having a tooth pulled. Sometimes it’s like making love while having a tooth pulled.” Well said, Mr. Koontz. Between day jobs and kids, spouses and health, it can be a hard thing for a writer to get in a page of a story, let alone an entire novel. How does one manage their time or keep their enthusiasm when on the tenth draft of a story that won’t work? Writers of the world, take heart. In these pages you’ll find a collection of stories on motivation, perseverance, and getting the words in. Sometimes funny, sometimes hard truth, but always encouraging, this anthology will boost the spirits and fuel enthusiasm, and do it for the writer in all of us.


Edited by Hal Friesen & Brad OH


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Contributing authors:


Aleisha Coote
Alicia Robinson
Barb O’Brien
Brad OH
C-Anne Roberts
Chelsea Mckay-Hazewinkel
Christina Friesen
Hal Friesen
Howard Gibbins
Karen Probert
Kimberly Grabas
Laurie Hanchard
M. L. Preest
Marie Reed
Maura Mulcair
Melodie Leclerc
Natasha Deen 
Simon Mackintosh
Stephen H. Garrity


This anthology was created by the members of the Edmonton Writers Group, an author collective designed to support writers at all stages in their careers. The EWG meets twice monthly to discuss the industry, share experiences, and offer each other constructive criticism on works-in-progress.  For more information on the Edmonton Writers Group, please visit: