Fire: Demons, Dragons & Djinns

FIRE: Demons, Dragons & Djinns, published by Tyche Books and edited by Rhonda Parrish:

The ability for people to control (to some extent at least) fire has long been held as one of the major events that contributed to human evolution, but when fire eludes or escapes our control it is also one of the most destructive forces on earth. Associated with passion, power, transformation and purification, fire is a ferocious element with an unquenchable appetite.

Discover the power of Fire and the creatures that thrive on it in these twenty-one stories, including: the true inspiration behind Jim Morrison’s songs; a special weapon used in World War II; the secret in the depths of a mortuary furnace; a fantastical card game; and a necromancer out on what may be his last job.

Here is a quote about it from a 5-star review:

This fine set of short stories comprises a quest for purpose and knowledge of Truth weighed against manifest destiny, mitigated by companionship and tarnished by greed, that can be read in one day. My favorite was The Djinni and the Accountant.

– Barbara, Goodreads Reviewer

(Cover artist: Ashley Walters)

My story, “The Djinni and the Accountant”, tells the story of a djinni trying to sort out his import taxes on everything people have wished into being. Beyond this absurd premise, it’s about the unexpected things we have to offer each other. I’m thrilled to see such a positive early response to this anthology.

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