Remote Point Probe

The Remote Point Probe (RPP) for Boreal Laser used the same extrusion as the OPX, resulting in a great commonality of parts and low cost. It was designed to meet the need for multiple point-sensor measurements from a multichannel gas analyzer core in industrial facilities. It allowed for different path lengths with the modification of a single part, and was lightweight for easy installation. It met IP66 sealing requirements and could withstand temperatures from -40 to +85 C.

Software used: Solidworks. Renders done using Photoview 360 Solidworks add-in. 3D printed PLA prototype validation carried out using Slic3r and Repetier software on a Machinacorp Mk2 printer.

Work done in 2017.

The RPP assembly.

The RPP assembly with clamps





















The RPP mounted along with an OPX and a dual-channel gas analyzer

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