Remote Optical Head

The remote optical heads (OPX heads) for Boreal Laser’s new dual-channel gas analyzer needed to remove the need for expensive and clumsy covers while minimizing cost. I carried out multiple detailed design revisions. I ended up doing a top-cover design out of a standard square extrusion, which allowed for full assembly on a baseplate before putting on the cover. This greatly simplified product assembly. The product met IP66 enclosure sealing requirements and could withstand temperatures from -40 to +85 C.

Software used: Solidworks. Renders done using Photoview 360 Solidworks add-in. 3D printed PLA prototype validation carried out using Slic3r and Repetier software on a Machinacorp Mk2 printer.

Work done in 2016-2017.

The OPX head without the lightweight scope and mount cover.












The OPX with the lightweight aluminum cover to protect the scope and mount.












The OPX heads mounted in an example configuration with the dual-channel gas analyzer.


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