Point Sensor Optics

In this project for Boreal Laser, I designed the optics attached to the bottom of the point sensor version of the digital gas analyzer family. The goal was to minimize cost by using off-the-shelf material as much as possible while minimizing machining steps. After a few iterations the correct balance between performance and cost was struck, and it was implemented in the final certified product, which met IP66 sealing requirements and could withstand temperatures from -40 to +50 C.

Software used: Solidworks. Renders done using Photoview 360 Solidworks add-in. 3D printed PLA prototype validation carried out using Slic3r and Repetier software on a Machinacorp Mk2 printer.

Work done in 2015-2017.

Original concept for the point sensor optics









Final point sensor design

Final point sensor design with front cover cage removed, and some parts transparent to show connections.





























Full point sensor product












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